4 Easy Ways In Which You Can Prevent Animal Cruelty

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Animal cruelty is one of the most heinous crimes committed. Putting a poor animal that can’t speak up, through a traumatising experience and committing cruel atrocities against it is one of the most disgusting things. So here are five easy ways through which you can prevent animal cruelty.

1.Avoid products that are tested on animals.

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When you are out shopping make sure you don’t buy products that are tested on animals.

2.Don’t use products made from animals.

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Do not use products, that are made from animals, like the clothes that are made from animal skin.

3.Report animal abuse, when you see it.

Afghans-slaughter-animals-for-Eid-al-Adha-in-Kabul_15Courtesy: Slaughter

Don’t just turn a blind eye towards animal cruelty and move on. You can call PETA and report animal cruelty.

4.Foster a pet.

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You can adopt a pet that needs foster care and shower it with love and care that it deserves.

5.Teach children to care for animals and show compassion towards them.

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One should teach children to show care, love and compassion towards animals, because these values should be inculcated at a young age.

So avoid animal cruelty and show more love towards them. Share this blog, and spread the word.



Live And Let Live


Courtesy : Leopards Killed in Dehradun

Animal products like ivory, horn, skin and teeth are highly valuable in the market for the making of high-end finished products. Traders make deals worth running up to lakhs of rupees, only for procuring these illegally animal products.

Animal poaching has become a prime cause of worry for the Indian government. The more they are battling to prevent the endangered animal species from dying, more are the villagers hunting them for petty cash.

A recent news from Dehradun retold the saddening story of villagers trading Leopard’s skin for, a comparatively petty amount of 14,000 INR where in the international market, it’s valued in lakhs.

Killer Jeans’ initiative #TogetherAsOne has always been in support of the wild species, and such an activity, which puts them into the endangered category, is not at all appreciated.