5 Ways In Which You Can Make Her Women’s Day An Unforgettable One


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The world’s an infinitely a better place due to women. And, well the least that we can do is make the day special for them. Let them know how important and instrumental they have been in our life. But words don’t make up for action and never will. So, it’s time to get down to some serious business.

1.Book a salon and spa appointment

hairstylist-tips.jpegCourtesy: Salon

This is her day, and let her relish every second of it. For day let she be the spoiled brat. A salon and spa would uplift her mood and why shouldn’t it. Let her be free of stress.

2.Take her out to posh and ritzy restaurant


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Yes. But that’s not all. Make it count. Some place nice and trendy. And, yes this isn’t the time to be a penny pincher.

3.It’s time to take the credit card out!

Credit card 004

Hand hold credit card

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You getting it, right. The card that allows you to buy all of those shiny gadgets and gaming consoles. Use it to buy something that your lady love wants. After all, all of those machines can’t ever love you back!

4.Get in touch with her friends


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Get in touch with her friends! But, hold it there. Get in touch, for all the right reasons. Ask them about what she likes or what’s been occupying her lately. This will give you an added advantage if you are planning the day in advance.

5.Stay away from your gaming console


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Do that. Seriously, this is not the day. A day without gunning down your foes in the virtual bliss won’t make you any less of a man.

Get going now, start planning already. Women’s day is not that long now, and make sure that she feels like a princess that she is. Make it Killer!


5 Ways You Can Confess Your Love This Valentine’s


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Confessing your love to someone can be really tricky. It’s always a heart v/s brain situation where most of the time your brain takes over. But don’t worry, this Valentine’s we won’t let your brain win once again! Here’s how you can do it:

Say it with her favorite song.



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Sing that favorite romantic song which always meant something to him/her.

Cook it up!


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Let the hidden chef in you rise to the occasion. Prepare something special and ask him/her when the time is right!




Courtesy: Marry me?

Look for the perfect moment and slip in a small gift with the confession in one of his/her belongings.

A long romantic walk is always a hit.


Lovers walking holding hands in autumn park

Courtesy: Holding hands never felt this amazing until I found yours!

Take him/her out for a walk and confess it when it is the perfect opportunity.

Nothing like the traditional way!boy-proposing-to-girl-beach-hd-wallpaper

Courtesy: Togetherness

Trust us, this still works! Buy a rose and some nice gift and go ahead and propose him/her.


Live And Let Live


Courtesy : Leopards Killed in Dehradun

Animal products like ivory, horn, skin and teeth are highly valuable in the market for the making of high-end finished products. Traders make deals worth running up to lakhs of rupees, only for procuring these illegally animal products.

Animal poaching has become a prime cause of worry for the Indian government. The more they are battling to prevent the endangered animal species from dying, more are the villagers hunting them for petty cash.

A recent news from Dehradun retold the saddening story of villagers trading Leopard’s skin for, a comparatively petty amount of 14,000 INR where in the international market, it’s valued in lakhs.

Killer Jeans’ initiative #TogetherAsOne has always been in support of the wild species, and such an activity, which puts them into the endangered category, is not at all appreciated.

5 Most Stylish Valentine Gifts For Men

Girls, we know you often struggle when it comes to getting the right gift for your Mr. Perfect, don’t you? Well, not anymore as we bring you some stylish gifting ideas to enhance your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

First things First! How about a bottle of Scotch whisky? Yeah, now you’re talking.


Courtesy: Beer

A Gant Tie can well sum up the ‘Gentlemanship’ of your man effortlessly.


Courtesy: Tie

You’re bored of waiting for your guy every time you plan a meet, aren’t you? Well, this is the right time you gift him a wrist watch (and hope for the best)


Courtesy: Watch

How about updating his wardrobe with the New Killer Collection – ‘Together As One’.

If your man is too obsessed with his beard then you can surprise him with a Facial Hair Grooming Kit. We’re sure, he’ll love it!


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With these and much more, you are now set to leave your Mr. Perfect stunned this Valentine’s.

P.S. a tight hug can save you loads of money and time though 😉

Reasons Why You Should Invest In The New Killer Collection – #TogetherAsOne

Clothes don’t make the Man but they surely can make a Man look Great, agree? Killer fashion is something that every guy needs to style up in the simplest but Killerest manner.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in Killer Fashion, #TogetherAsOne:

A Fashion so comforting and cool that it puts even the scariest to rest!

5 (3).jpg

Because not just Killer Fashion but we also make Killer TIME..


And the wildly crafted Killer Shoes

6 (2)

Because girls love it too! Isn’t that what bothers most of us 😉

3 (2).jpg

And guess what, you’ll pose so good that it will fetch you many more likes on Facebook!

4 (3).jpg

And also because this is Killer and This Is Us!

Dressing up well is something everyone can achieve but only few manage to keep it simple. Keep it Killer, Together As One.

5 Reasons Why You Should Grow Beard This ‘NO SHAVE NOVEMBER’

A good beard is a very special thing, isn’t it? No-Shave November is probably the only social cause that makes you look hotter.

Join the cause while we give you more reasons to grow beard:

  1. HAIR IS NOT SCARY, women love it too!41b4ec392a598c801b42a47f70056e91

Courtesy : Beard Troll

2. With Beard Comes Respect.


Courtesy : Respect The Beard

3. It is that feeling


Courtesy : Reasons to Grow Beard

4. Most Importantly – The Symbol of Excellence & Awesomeness


Courtesy : Abraham Lincoln

5. And yes of course the ‘Whole & Sole’ purpose of the cause.


Courtesy : No Shave

This is just an extra…


Courtesy : Lifestyle

Just look at HIM, do we still need to give you more reasons to grow your beard?

5 Things Your Gym Trainer Will Never Tell You

Ever imagined why you haven’t been able to achieve your gymming goals even after spending hours of time in the gym? More than your laziness it is your gym trainer’s lazy approach towards you that affects. Fitness and good physic can be achieved in less time if done right. Don’t let your ‘Gymming’ efforts go to waste, follow these essential tips that your gym trainer will never tell you.

Stop Using All the Machines at Once –

If your gym trainer has introduced you to each and every equipment of the gym way too early then he probably isn’t very good. Working out in different stages or doing compound movements, free weights and stretches is equally important.


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Supplements Do No Justice –

Eating real food will help you gain more proteins as compared to dietary supplements. Many gym trainers who are new believe supplements are good for building muscle but it is highly recommended that you choose everyday food over diluted powdered stuff.


Courtesy : Supplements

NO Abs is Okay –

The moment you join a gym abs is all what you need, don’t you? No matter if you don’t meet your other gymming goals but you always desire to have great abs that you can show off. Just crunches and sit-ups are not gonna shape-up or tone your abs. Most of the trainers won’t tell you this but a complete body workout is what you need to do often for the perfect abs.


Courtesy : Abs

Gear It Up –

It is only the first few days of your workout when you carry all the gears and accessories to make your gymming effective but most of us fail to make it a habit. A good gym-wear not only makes you feel good about yourself but also helps you be fitter. This is something your gym trainer never notices.


Courtesy : Gym Wear

Get Your Push-Ups Right –

We all do push-ups don’t we? But how many of us does it right is the question you need to ask yourself and your trainer. While doing push-ups make sure you use a set of dumbbells or floor bars rather than placing your palms on the floor. Placing your palms on the floor may strain your wrists.


Courtesy : Push Ups

Some say, the more you work out the better it is and some believe in limited but quality gymming. At the end of it all, gymming is about ‘Quality vs Quantity’. What’s your pick?