Four Reasons You Need To Break Free

Tired of the routine? Wearied by your daily cycle of going to the office? Then, you need to break free. Don’t be deterred by the ‘why’ let us guide you!

1. You build amazing things


Courtesy: Steve Jobs

Imagine Steve Jobs working a 9 to 5 job, or Elon Musk for that matter, go on try. You cannot, it just doesn’t fit in. The world filled with problems waiting to be solved. If you can solve a problem that you are passionate about, then you are game. Go out, do what you like, soon work is all you’ll think about because you’ll love it so much.

2. You discover yourself


Courtesy: Discover Yourself

Breaking free is all about being open to new ideas and outlooks. You necessarily don’t have to agree with the everyone, but being receptive allows you to have a broader world view. It makes you see things in a new light; it also makes you question what’s conventionally accepted.
3. You have amazing experiences


Courtesy: Experience

Experiences are all that’s left with when the sun sets. Nothing else will matter. Breaking free allows you to have a new perspective on things; it forces you to throw your old ideas out of the window. When you go out and try things without any preconceived notions, you have experiences that make your life better

4. You form long lasting bonds with people


Courtesy: Bonding

People are like music; they are different, and some of them grow on you with time. Breaking free liberates you from your prejudices, and you make long lasting bonds. When people come together united by a single cause, amazing things are built, great experiences had and in the process, you stumble upon some aspect of yourself that you didn’t know before.

So, break free. Not tomorrow, not the next minute, but now. At this moment and every moment from now, break free and live the life that you dream of!


5 Ways In Which You Can Make Her Women’s Day An Unforgettable One


Courtesy: Women’s Day

The world’s an infinitely a better place due to women. And, well the least that we can do is make the day special for them. Let them know how important and instrumental they have been in our life. But words don’t make up for action and never will. So, it’s time to get down to some serious business.

1.Book a salon and spa appointment

hairstylist-tips.jpegCourtesy: Salon

This is her day, and let her relish every second of it. For day let she be the spoiled brat. A salon and spa would uplift her mood and why shouldn’t it. Let her be free of stress.

2.Take her out to posh and ritzy restaurant


Courtesy: Restaurant

Yes. But that’s not all. Make it count. Some place nice and trendy. And, yes this isn’t the time to be a penny pincher.

3.It’s time to take the credit card out!

Credit card 004

Hand hold credit card

Courtesy: Credit Card

You getting it, right. The card that allows you to buy all of those shiny gadgets and gaming consoles. Use it to buy something that your lady love wants. After all, all of those machines can’t ever love you back!

4.Get in touch with her friends


Courtesy: Lunch With Friends

Get in touch with her friends! But, hold it there. Get in touch, for all the right reasons. Ask them about what she likes or what’s been occupying her lately. This will give you an added advantage if you are planning the day in advance.

5.Stay away from your gaming console


Courtesy: No Gaming Console

Do that. Seriously, this is not the day. A day without gunning down your foes in the virtual bliss won’t make you any less of a man.

Get going now, start planning already. Women’s day is not that long now, and make sure that she feels like a princess that she is. Make it Killer!


5 Reasons Why You Should Grow Beard This ‘NO SHAVE NOVEMBER’

A good beard is a very special thing, isn’t it? No-Shave November is probably the only social cause that makes you look hotter.

Join the cause while we give you more reasons to grow beard:

  1. HAIR IS NOT SCARY, women love it too!41b4ec392a598c801b42a47f70056e91

Courtesy : Beard Troll

2. With Beard Comes Respect.


Courtesy : Respect The Beard

3. It is that feeling


Courtesy : Reasons to Grow Beard

4. Most Importantly – The Symbol of Excellence & Awesomeness


Courtesy : Abraham Lincoln

5. And yes of course the ‘Whole & Sole’ purpose of the cause.


Courtesy : No Shave

This is just an extra…


Courtesy : Lifestyle

Just look at HIM, do we still need to give you more reasons to grow your beard?

6 Ways to Look Great on your First Date

First dates can always be full of anxiety, especially if you are a guy. You got a lot of things running through your mind just to make it a perfect date and at the end of it all, one wrong move can put you to fail at everything. Here are 6 golden tips that will help you conquer your first date.

Keep It Simple –

Yes you read that right! Complicating or trying too many things are only gonna add-on to the list of concerns. It is always better to be what you are and how you are rather than making up things that won’t last.


Courtesy : Simple Casuals

Dress-Up to the Occasion –

Always remember, dress up according to the body you have got and not according to the body you want. For your first date pick up the most flattering outfit from your closet that you think looks best on you because at the end of it all, ‘The Better you Look, The Better you Feel.’


Courtesy : Dress-Up-Smart

Breathe Nice –

Breathing nice and fresh too brings in confidence. Bad breaths often play turn-offs for women. Chewing a mint of spraying a mouth freshener before meeting your date might just work perfectly for you.


Courtesy : Pleasant Breath

Smell Good –

If you do not smell good, your identity might go for a toss. A good scent or a perfume might just add up to the occasion while anything in excess or nothing would just spoil your evening.


Courtesy : Perfume

Footwork –

Get a nice pair of shoes and do not forget to match them with the belt you’ll be wearing. Wearing a black belt along with a brown shoe or vice versa might just be the last thing you would want to do.


Courtesy : Shoes

Every Detail Counts –

It’s the little things that make a big difference. Right from your hairstyle, to your sitting style, table etiquettes and much more, every single aspect if done right gains you more points & vice versa. So make sure you get everything just as they are meant to be.


Courtesy : Watch and Suit

If you manage to master these tips and bring them to practice, we promise half your job is done, the second half purely depends on your skills 😉