The Vodo behind THE BLUE

We all own multiple pairs of jeans and we wear them with pride. Whether it’s a work day or a grand occasion, they never fail you – especially the classic blue denim.

They are the granddaddy of fashion that refuses to give away its ‘cool’.  This does not imply that the other colors don’t hold their own ground when it comes to denim.  But, for the purposes of this article, we will stick to the classic blue jeans.

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the chemistry behind the classic blue jeans.

It all starts with cotton yarn, which looks white, but with the aid of dye creates that blue color that everyone loves to see. The awesome part of dying the yarn is that it turns yellow, and with the help of oxygen, turns blue. It is then coated with starch and the weaving process starts. It’s an intricate process that gives provision for the various designs that you’ve come to love and adore. When woven into denim, these blue threads run parallel in the fabric and are put together with white cotton “weft” thread, which runs perpendicular. Look down at your jeans, and you’ll see what I mean.



Let’s get back to reality. Who really cares about the chemistry of jeans when you can get them looking so awesome?


5 Colors that Look Hip on All Men

Colour is something men often tend to overlook when it comes to their fashion sense. If you are one of those men then here’s a fact you need to get in your fashion system right away. ‘Colours if used right in your fashion then they can take you from good to better & vice versa.’ Here are 5 colours that will help you look fashionable.

1. Dusk Blue

 If you go back and check the timeline, you will discover that DUSK BLUE has been a go to colour for every man in the recent past. With the Blue Sky above, Dusk Blue colour goes well with every ambience & makes you feel much more calm in a chaotic & nostalgic world.

916sq06Hq1L._UL1500_Courtesy : Dusk Blue T-Shirt

2. Classic Blue

 Blue is considered as one of the most comfortable colours any man can wear. The good thing about Classic Blue is that it goes well with any other colour. Want to feel confident and classic? Just pull out Classic Blue from your closet and get set to go!


Courtesy : Blue Polo T-Shirt

3. Black

 When we say Black, the question rises do we even need to mention this color? Black is one color which is understood and loved globally. No matter what the occasion is, you can always rely on Black to Look Good and Feel Good.


Courtesy : Black Casual Shirt

4. Marsala

Marsala can be a great contrast for other hues such as Sandstone & Classic Blue. When you are not sure about your fashion, yourself and what to wear, you can always opt for Marsala as the shade is very bold brings in stability.


Courtesy : Marsala Jeans

5. Glacier Grey

 Not sure what colour to wear in lighter & brighter shades? Just go for Glacier Grey as it enhances your appearance big time. Without taking much from the other colour you wear along, Glacier Grey plays its part and goes well with almost all shades.


Courtesy : Glacier Grey Suit

No matter if it’s Monsoon, Spring, Winter or Summer these colours will always add charm to your personality. So go try these colors and spread the awesomeness!