The Vodo behind THE BLUE

We all own multiple pairs of jeans and we wear them with pride. Whether it’s a work day or a grand occasion, they never fail you – especially the classic blue denim.

They are the granddaddy of fashion that refuses to give away its ‘cool’.  This does not imply that the other colors don’t hold their own ground when it comes to denim.  But, for the purposes of this article, we will stick to the classic blue jeans.

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the chemistry behind the classic blue jeans.

It all starts with cotton yarn, which looks white, but with the aid of dye creates that blue color that everyone loves to see. The awesome part of dying the yarn is that it turns yellow, and with the help of oxygen, turns blue. It is then coated with starch and the weaving process starts. It’s an intricate process that gives provision for the various designs that you’ve come to love and adore. When woven into denim, these blue threads run parallel in the fabric and are put together with white cotton “weft” thread, which runs perpendicular. Look down at your jeans, and you’ll see what I mean.



Let’s get back to reality. Who really cares about the chemistry of jeans when you can get them looking so awesome?


5 Most Stylish Valentine Gifts For Men

Girls, we know you often struggle when it comes to getting the right gift for your Mr. Perfect, don’t you? Well, not anymore as we bring you some stylish gifting ideas to enhance your Valentine’s Day celebrations.

First things First! How about a bottle of Scotch whisky? Yeah, now you’re talking.


Courtesy: Beer

A Gant Tie can well sum up the ‘Gentlemanship’ of your man effortlessly.


Courtesy: Tie

You’re bored of waiting for your guy every time you plan a meet, aren’t you? Well, this is the right time you gift him a wrist watch (and hope for the best)


Courtesy: Watch

How about updating his wardrobe with the New Killer Collection – ‘Together As One’.

If your man is too obsessed with his beard then you can surprise him with a Facial Hair Grooming Kit. We’re sure, he’ll love it!


Courtesy: Beard Pack

With these and much more, you are now set to leave your Mr. Perfect stunned this Valentine’s.

P.S. a tight hug can save you loads of money and time though 😉

Reasons Why You Should Invest In The New Killer Collection – #TogetherAsOne

Clothes don’t make the Man but they surely can make a Man look Great, agree? Killer fashion is something that every guy needs to style up in the simplest but Killerest manner.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in Killer Fashion, #TogetherAsOne:

A Fashion so comforting and cool that it puts even the scariest to rest!

5 (3).jpg

Because not just Killer Fashion but we also make Killer TIME..


And the wildly crafted Killer Shoes

6 (2)

Because girls love it too! Isn’t that what bothers most of us 😉

3 (2).jpg

And guess what, you’ll pose so good that it will fetch you many more likes on Facebook!

4 (3).jpg

And also because this is Killer and This Is Us!

Dressing up well is something everyone can achieve but only few manage to keep it simple. Keep it Killer, Together As One.