Top 10 New Years Resolutions that are commonly broken!



When it comes down to the few seconds before the New Year you are sure to make promises that you may break in the next few seconds or even a few days into the new year. so let’s have a look at the few new years resolutions that usually are broken!

  1. This may vary from person to person. As we all promise ourselves to either gain weight or lose weight. but who are we kidding it’s just not going to happen unless you are determined to.
  2. If you do smoke you are a person to say this a few times throughout the year that you are going to stop smoking. Well… have you?
  3. Learn something new… or just stick to what you know
  4. Eat healthy food just is something we laugh about in a few days because well who doesn’t like fast foods?
  5. Save money!! something that will never happen because we never have any cash to save.
  6. Yes family is very important and we should spend time with them, but it’s new years and out drinking is something you wanna do!
  7. Since we can’t save any money, traveling to a new place is out of the question.
  8. Be less stressed is a joke, you know you will be stressed even though there is nothing to stress about.
  9. Volunteer …hmm
  10. Best saved for the last “Drink Less” I’ll leave this one up to you.

This new year we hope to see most of you break some of your resolutions. If yes then tell us about it 😉

Happy New Year!


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