Upgrade your style – Easy Tips


Courtesy: http://bit.ly/2gfmnxm

If you are a person that always looks at magazines and the find yourself wanting to look like the person in the magazine. well, there is nothing wrong in that but if you want to look something like that you need to upgrade your style to match your body type.

  1. Loosen up: as everyone keeps saying, again and again, you should always dress up simple to make a big impact. So don’t go hunting for outfits that stand out, try something sober
  2. Classy: you are sure to make some heads turn if you dress up in a classy manner. have your shirt tucked into your formal pants have some shiny black shoes, black belt, and a classy black strapped watch to go along also don’t forget a neat blazer to top it all off.
  3. Match your accessories: as stated in the point above your belt, shoes and watch should match. if you wold want to wear a hat that also has to come along with the color scheme
  4. Simplify your belts: nowadays you find belts that look big and bold, the more simple it is the better. Go to get a belt of high-quality leather. I like simple belts with brass buckles that go with both jeans and suits

Now that you have some pointers try to use them to upgrade your style.


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