Getting back to Distressed Jeans



Distressed jeans are to some people a prize. People deliberately either by them or rip the jeans so that they look legit. Distressed jeans have been around for ages but nowadays you see them coming in and out of fashion more often than other styles of jeans.  Dispute all the fashion statement we always see that distressed jeans have its way to come on top. Maintain distressed jeans can be a very big task as they are already ripped you are sure to rip them more. Here we have given you a solution to help you save your distressed jeans.

If you find your jeans in a place where you don’t want it to be, cutting a piece of fabric to stitch on is advised. The miss match pattern always has a good effect. You have to get the fabric piece and stitch it on to the place where it is ripping apart. A cool style can be used when you use a different colored thread to stitch it on.

From minimal fraying to distressed holes and even fading, we think there are plenty of tips and ideas you can take away as there are many DIY projects that can bring out the crazy creativity for distressed jeans! Who does not like to do DIY’s and when it is a relation to fashion everyone wants to know what the latest trends are going on. How many of you actually DIY your own jeans? Let us know on our Facebook Page:


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