What not to do when you Kiss


Courtesy: http://bit.ly/2cbqMCM

Kissing, the stuff the makes romantic movies great, and makes you buy more mint than you probably need. But, hey, kissing is not really that simple. And, is quite easy to mess up. The stuff that you see in movies is an elaborate decoy, that is perfected after many many takes. So, what does it take to kiss like a pro? For starters, you need someone who is into you. If you’ve got that part covered, then we’ll tell you exactly what not to do, and the rest will be a cake walk. So relax and enjoy yourself.

  1. Being a guy we typically like open mouth kissing, however, women complain a lot about too much tongue.
  2. Don’t let your teeth crash the party.
  3. Don’t Slob over your partner, honestly, that is the worst comment you could ever get after kissing.
  4. One of the most important thing that you should keep in mind is to have mints in your pocket. If you plan to kiss after eating or anything pop in a mint so that you have a fresh mouth.
  5. Don’t make jokes while kissing and most of all DO NOT say someone else’s name in the middle. You might get into trouble.

Now that you have some of the basics down we hope you have an amazing first kiss or if you are a person that has had many before I’m sure you just got a whole lot better. Did you know kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. now this gives you one more reason to go out and kiss someone.


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