The Importance Of Style


“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe. So, we all ask ourselves sometime or the other why is it so important to stay in style? But have you thought about it this way? Style defines me, who I am and how my personality is? We are talking about when you put something on your body or wear certain items in a way that makes you feel like you can take on the world like that.  We understand that it if you have a great style that will not automatically make you an impressive, confident and wealthy person, but we are saying that it is a big part of it. There are 3 things that we really need to look at to know why style is so important.

  1. Pay attention

Yes, you will need to look at how others dress and what is trending so that you see what will suit your figure. Put in the thought of what all details that will make you look good. You don’t have to go to a fashion expert but just pay a lot of attention of your attire.

  1. Seek Wise Counsel

To figure out your own style try putting together something general that can be hard to start with but once you get a hang of it. You will have your own style to the clothes you wear.

  1. Have Fun With It

Last but not the least, you need to have fun with what you wear if you dot feel good with what you wear then you won’t be able to pull it off the way you would like to. here will be some trial and error, but it will become easier and more enjoyable as you get the hang of it.

It’s never too late to get your own style but having a style that speaks who you are is something that will turn people’s heads.


Getting back to Distressed Jeans



Distressed jeans are to some people a prize. People deliberately either by them or rip the jeans so that they look legit. Distressed jeans have been around for ages but nowadays you see them coming in and out of fashion more often than other styles of jeans.  Dispute all the fashion statement we always see that distressed jeans have its way to come on top. Maintain distressed jeans can be a very big task as they are already ripped you are sure to rip them more. Here we have given you a solution to help you save your distressed jeans.

If you find your jeans in a place where you don’t want it to be, cutting a piece of fabric to stitch on is advised. The miss match pattern always has a good effect. You have to get the fabric piece and stitch it on to the place where it is ripping apart. A cool style can be used when you use a different colored thread to stitch it on.

From minimal fraying to distressed holes and even fading, we think there are plenty of tips and ideas you can take away as there are many DIY projects that can bring out the crazy creativity for distressed jeans! Who does not like to do DIY’s and when it is a relation to fashion everyone wants to know what the latest trends are going on. How many of you actually DIY your own jeans? Let us know on our Facebook Page:

Importance of Style

When we come to talk about style, everyone wants to be up to date with the trending styles so that they can put their own twist on outfits. You’ll come under the impression that a good sense of style is more beneficial to women than it is to men. Women are the ones who lacquer themselves in lotions potions liners and rouges, spend exorbitant amounts of green on fashionable attire, and coif their hair to perfection down to the last flyaway strand.

Having good style sense you will understand that people will start noticing what you wear. If you want to make a good first impression then you need to look up how to put your outfits together. It’s always good to know what to wear. For men getting clothes that fit properly which generally mean finding jeans that suit your body type.

The style of mismatching certain elements of your outfit but you should also know what colors go together. When you plan to wear a suit then you should know that the belt, watch and shoes should match.

A classy man’s look always grabs the woman’s attention. So now that you have got a gist of how much style is important, try arranging your wardrobe to compliment your figure. So go grab the woman’s eyes with your breathtaking #Killer outfit.

Distressed Jeans

If you are a fashion junky then you have come to the right place. We all know how fashion keeps revolving and sometimes certain styles stick. If I were to take an example distressed jeans! No matter how much times have changed the ripped jeans effect is always in fashion. I know that buying distressed jeans but if you’re like me then making your own pair is all you need to do. So let’s get started on how to do this.

  1. Select your Jeans

It is very important that you choose jeans that you won’t mind getting ripped. Also, it should have a good fit and comfortable

  1. Mark out

Choose where you want the distress to be, use a pencil to mark it out so that it makes this job so much easier. Also if you decide to change your mind then it won’t be a problem since it is marked in pencil

  1. Choose your tools and get slicing

Once you have got all the tools like a knife, scissors sandpaper or a blade then you are all set to start making cuts on your jeans

  1. Add Bleach

Adding bleach to certain parts of the jeans will make them look extra distressed. To do this add some bleach to piece of sponge and rub it on your jeans

  1. Put it in the wash

Last step but very important is that you give your new distressed jeans a good wash so that all the extra bleach gets off.


Now that you know how to make your own distressed jeans you are all set to make your own pair without spending a dime. A fantastic DIY project if you get bored.

Why Denims never go out of Style!

A nice, well-fitted pair of jeans is probably one of the most versatile items of clothing to beautify our wardrobes! We wear it to the college, dates, family outings, and sometimes on Fridays to office too! All we need are the right accessories to go and we are ready and raring, even for those last minute meet-ups! We all have at least one denim item in our wardrobe, and although it may be associated with a relaxed look, denim can be worn for many occasions.  As much as it seems like jeans are informal but it is one of the most comfortable and with the vast range of colors and prints, it not only serves as a comfort wear but puts up a classy look for you to get a lot of compliments.

Oh, the places your denim can go! Or, where it’s been, rather. Part of what makes denim so special -and why I have such a warm, tender part reserved in my heart for it – is that it has so many different manifestations. Throughout the ages designers and scientists alike have developed a countless of ways to manipulate the washing process to change the look of denim fabric.

So, there you have it. Jeans will get you through any occasion, and have you feeling stylish and prepared. May you never have to wear anything other than jeans!

The perfect semi formal attire - Formal shirt with jeans




What not to do when you Kiss



Kissing, the stuff the makes romantic movies great, and makes you buy more mint than you probably need. But, hey, kissing is not really that simple. And, is quite easy to mess up. The stuff that you see in movies is an elaborate decoy, that is perfected after many many takes. So, what does it take to kiss like a pro? For starters, you need someone who is into you. If you’ve got that part covered, then we’ll tell you exactly what not to do, and the rest will be a cake walk. So relax and enjoy yourself.

  1. Being a guy we typically like open mouth kissing, however, women complain a lot about too much tongue.
  2. Don’t let your teeth crash the party.
  3. Don’t Slob over your partner, honestly, that is the worst comment you could ever get after kissing.
  4. One of the most important thing that you should keep in mind is to have mints in your pocket. If you plan to kiss after eating or anything pop in a mint so that you have a fresh mouth.
  5. Don’t make jokes while kissing and most of all DO NOT say someone else’s name in the middle. You might get into trouble.

Now that you have some of the basics down we hope you have an amazing first kiss or if you are a person that has had many before I’m sure you just got a whole lot better. Did you know kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. now this gives you one more reason to go out and kiss someone.

The Vodo behind THE BLUE

We all own multiple pairs of jeans and we wear them with pride. Whether it’s a work day or a grand occasion, they never fail you – especially the classic blue denim.

They are the granddaddy of fashion that refuses to give away its ‘cool’.  This does not imply that the other colors don’t hold their own ground when it comes to denim.  But, for the purposes of this article, we will stick to the classic blue jeans.

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the chemistry behind the classic blue jeans.

It all starts with cotton yarn, which looks white, but with the aid of dye creates that blue color that everyone loves to see. The awesome part of dying the yarn is that it turns yellow, and with the help of oxygen, turns blue. It is then coated with starch and the weaving process starts. It’s an intricate process that gives provision for the various designs that you’ve come to love and adore. When woven into denim, these blue threads run parallel in the fabric and are put together with white cotton “weft” thread, which runs perpendicular. Look down at your jeans, and you’ll see what I mean.



Let’s get back to reality. Who really cares about the chemistry of jeans when you can get them looking so awesome?